Airport Stories March 6

Now, here’s a perspective that you don’t see too often: “the benefits of using drones at airports.” Almost always when we hear the words drone and airport in the same sentence it is a sure sign of trouble. However, the use of drones can also benefit an airport. Here’s how.

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Airport Stories July 5, 2018

Last week, I flew from New York to the Netherlands with a stopover at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, where I noticed DJI’s marketing campaign “Now it’s Epic”, to promote their Mavic Air drone. We got in touch with JCDecaux, one of the world’s largest display advertising companies, to find out more about the drone makers latest campaign, and they informed us that the 10-second-long promotional video runs at five different airports around the world and is planned in conjunction with DJI’s partnership with TripAdvisor to promote what is supposed to be the ultimate travel drone.

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Airport Stories March 19, 2018

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) just approved first responders at the fourth busiest airport in the world, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to fly their drones directly over the airfield. DFW Airport will be the first airport in the US that is allowed to do so.

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Airport Stories November 23, 2017

The Department of Civil Aviation in Malaysia is about to crack down on the illegal drone flying in the country and will set up its own enforcement unit to put a stop to it.

According to industry sources, about 1 million drones have been sold in the Asian country over the last four years, but what many drone owners do not realize is that is illegal to fly an unmanned aerial vehicle or drone for recreational or commercial purposes outside the compounds of their home. According to Civil Aviation Regulations 2016, all drone activity, no matter the size and purpose, requires a flying permit from DCA.

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Airport Stories November 18, 2017

Since April 2016, there have been five hazardous or at least unauthorized drone flights reported, flying too close to the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport in Birmingham, Alabama, which happens to be the busiest airport in the state. This was revealed by ABC 33/40 after a review of the Federal Aviation Administration records. In two cases the drones passed within 200 feet of private airplanes. These reports come in the wake of other drone incidents over Staten Island, NY, Canada, New Zealand, and England.

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Airport Stories November 6, 2017

The New Zealand Herald reported two drone incidents with airplanes on their approach to Auckland airport. A passenger on board the flight said that the drone passed so close to the airplane, it was only meters below the airplane as it came into land at Auckland airport. This report comes in after we reported on similar incidents in The Netherlands, Canada, and Great Brittain.

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