Flooding Stories July 8, 2020

Drone footage has captured the aftermath of recent heavy rains in Japan that have caused landslides and flooding throughout Ashikita, a city in the Kumamoto prefecture. The flooding has reportedly taken the lives of 58 so far.

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Flooding Stories May 21, 2020

Several drones have taken to the sky to capture the massive amounting of flooding in Midland, Michigan caused by two dam failures as a result of heavy rainfall over the last few days. Thousands of residents have evacuated as a result.

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Flooding Stories December 28, 2017

Last week, deadly storm, Tembin brought flash flooding and mudslides to the Philippine island Mindanao, resulting in more than 180 people missing or dead up from 130 reported earlier. This short drone video shows the extent of the damage and flooded areas on Mindanao.

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