FBI Stories June 23

Additional information has surfaced about the mysterious drone that officials in Tucson described as “highly modified” after it buzzed, then led a border patrol helicopter on a high-speed, hour-long chase before vanishing. A case summary of the incident details airborne police efforts to pursue and unsuccessfully identify the astonishingly powerful craft described as “very sophisticated/specialized and able to perform like no other.”

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FBI Stories June 16

Thinking about using a drone to film future champions during this month’s 2021 Summer Olympics track and field trials? Bzzzzzzz! (That’s a buzzer.) Authorities strongly urge you think again.

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FBI Stories June 2

Last month we told you about a seriously amped-up drone that performed amazing feats while eluding – and ultimately escaping – pursuing law enforcement helicopters over Tucson, Arizona. New information is now in about the mysterious flight, though both the craft and pilot remains a mystery.

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FBI Stories May 24

Radar mapping of the Tucson drone-chopper chase

The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) is actively hunting the pilot of a drone that buzzed a US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) helicopter in Tucson, Arizona. Once it did, the night-flying, clearly steroid-amped craft racked up a laundry list of other infractions before it suddenly, maddeningly vanished.

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FBI Stories January 31, 2020

Ahead of Super Bowl LIV, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is done warning and confiscates drones from operators who violate the temporary flight restrictions (TFR) around the Super Bowl venues in Miami.

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FBI Stories October 11, 2017

During the Senate Committee on Homeland Security, late September, the FBI director, Christopher Wray warned that terrorist drone attacks are coming to the U.S. “imminently”, in response to a question by  Senator John Verhoeven from North Dakota.

“Terrorist organizations have an interest in using drones. We have seen that overseas already, with some growing frequency and I think the expectation is, it is coming here imminently,” Wray said, “I think they are relatively easy to acquire, relatively easy to operate and quite difficult to disrupt and monitor.”

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