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Drone giant DJI has opened its latest shop in Lyon, France, making it the second official DJI store in the country. The store opened its doors on December 3rd and is located in the center of the town, exposing more people to DJI’s great product portfolio.

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France Stories September 30

France is trialing sulfur sniffing drones to ensure ships going through specific control zones in European waters aren’t emitting too much sulfur into the atmosphere. The company has partnered with the NORCE Research Institue AS to assist the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) and the French Maritime Authorities.

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France Stories May 19

A French judge has asked that police cease surveillance drone operations due to the collection of identifying features the drones are able to pick up. All drones used by the French police force must be taken out of operation straight away.

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France Stories March 23

Drone footage in Paris, France, has captured the almost empty roads surrounding some of the most famous landmarks throughout the city. Drones managed to capture the effect COVID-19 is having on the once-bustling city of Paris and around the world, as cities go into lockdown.

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France Stories March 20

After China and Spain, the French Riviera police are now using drones as well to inform people about the dangers of the coronavirus and to order them to keep a safe distance.

Update: new photos confirm indeed that a DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise with a speaker was used in this case. Drone-06 was involved in the drone operation.

Photo credits: AFP/Valery Hache

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France Stories December 2, 2019

The French Postal Service has started to use drones to deliver parcels to remote Alpine villages. A subsidiary of La Poste, DPD states that delivering packages by drone is more reliable, quicker, and safer than driving a van up a narrow mountain road in the winter when these roads are often icy or blocked by snow.

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