Mining Stories July 29

Look out below! Drone video of the start of a huge mine landslide

Extremely rare and dramatic footage has surfaced this week of a massive landslip filmed from on high. In it, drone-shot video above the Bingham Canyon mine in Utah captures the enormous landslide from its very beginning right through to the end.

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Mining Stories March 5

Australian-listed Comet Resources has turned to drones to find high-grade copper at its Barraba Copper Project in northern New South Wales, Australia. Comet Resources has tasked drone service Airborne Geo Exploration (AirGeoX) with the job.

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Mining Stories February 25

Delta Drone International has announced it will be providing a multinational African mining company with drone surveillance hardware. The $340,000 mining contract will allow the company to diversify its offerings and expand into more markets around the world.

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Mining Stories February 23

Mining giant Rio Tinto has revealed in its annual report that it has increased its use of drones and other technologies to work safer and smarter amid the coronavirus rules.

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Mining Stories January 23, 2020

Earlier this week, a Tasmanian gold mine collapsed during the early hours of the morning with workers still inside. A drone was sent in to help with the search and rescue mission. In addition to the drone, a robotic camera was also used.

However, one worker is still yet to be found by police, fire, and rescue, along with a mine rescue team.

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Mining Stories August 1, 2019

Mining giant BHP, formally BHP Billiton, is using drones throughout its mining operations in Australia to save around $5 million every year. Making the switch from manned aircraft and workers saves BHP time and money and improves workplace safety.

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