Verizon Stories January 12

Verizon’s Skyward and UPS Flight Forward have announced they will be working together to bring drone delivery to The Villages in Florida. The drones will use Verzion’s 4G and 5G networks, running on Skywards’ drone management platform.

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Verizon Stories September 24, 2020

The FAA has granted Verizon Skyward a temporary waiver that allows its pilots to inspect critical communications infrastructure near the Big Hollow wildfire in Washington from home using network-connected drones. The pilots are allowed to operate 24 hours a day with less than three miles of visibility and no person onsite to monitor the operation.

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Verizon Stories September 16, 2020

Verizon Skyward announced it has partnered with French drone company Parrot to deliver ANAFI drones to train US enterprises. The ANAFI USA is the main drone the companies will be pushing for clients to use.

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Verizon Stories April 13, 2020

Commercial drone operators using Skyward Aviation Management Platform can now see the whereabouts of all their drones, in near real time, from anywhere. expand full story

Verizon Stories November 9, 2017

What if cell service from a drone could save lives? Earlier this summer Verizon tested to see if they could provide cell phone coverage from an airborne drone to first responders in case of an emergency, i.e. right after an earthquake or hurricane. The tests were being conducted in Belleplain State Forest under the auspices of the Federal Aviation Administration, which had granted special permission to Cape May to conduct the exercise. The FAA did require a special chase plane to follow the drone.

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