Citadel Defense Stories November 12

Counter-drone company Citadel Defense has announced its new AI-powered drone threat detection software for its Titan drone defense systems. Citadel has been working on its AI platform for the last 27 months with successful deployments across multiple combatant commands and hundreds of unique environments.

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Citadel Defense Stories September 2

Citadel Defense has just been awarded a $12.2 million Department of Defense contract to autonomously defeat retail and homemade drones. The anti-drone tech will be put to use on the battlefield and around the United States.

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Citadel Defense Stories July 14

Citadel Defense has just released its latest AI-powered software and networking solution capable of autonomously protecting against 98% of commercial off-the-shelf drones. It connects multiple Titan systems together allowing a military base to be protected 24/7, 365 days a year.

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