Texas DoPS awards DroneSense drone software contract

Texas DoPS DroneSense contract

Drone management software company DroneSense has announced it has been awarded a contract by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DoPS). The contract will allow DroneSense to provide its software and support to agencies looking to use drones within Texas.

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Greenville, Texas fire and police departments to purchase drones

The Greenville City Council in Texas has given the local fire and police departments the go-ahead to purchase six drones to improve safety and efficiency. The money needed to purchase the new high tech equipment comes from seized funds and the Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System (TIFMAS).

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Irving Police Department launches drone program

The Irving Police Department just launched their new drone program. 22 police officers in Irving, Texas will be fully trained Part 107 drone pilots. At least four officers will have a drone ready to fly, in their vehicles during their shift at all times. The drones will be used during searches for missing persons, suspects, to investigate crime scenes and more. The drone program was paid for in part by a city grand.

Less than two weeks ago we reported on the NYPD adding 14 drones to their police force.

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Authorities used drones to investigate suspected Austin bomber’s house

The use of drones is becoming more prevalent among police forces and SWAT teams around the world as well as here in the US. Today, we learn that in tracking down the suspected Austin bomber, authorities used drones to fly over the suspect’s house in Pflugerville, TX. Even though it is not known at this point what kind of drones were used and for what purpose, it seems likely that drones outfitted with infrared cameras may have been used to scan for any people inside the building.

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Drone video: flooded cars parked at Texas World Speedway after Hurricane Harvey

Now a few weeks after Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area, the cleaning operation is in full swing. Take for instance flooded cars. There is an estimated 30,000 of them, all of which need to be processed by insurance agents. Now, 30,000 sounds like a lot of cars but actually seeing a drone video of all these damaged cars parked at the Texas World Speedway south of College Station, gives you an idea of the magnitude. As far as your eye can see there are cars parked that sustained water damage during Hurricane Harvey.

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