Italy Stories April 23

A beachgoer in Italy had his sunbathing session cut short when a police drone which spotted him on the lonely beach during the COVID-19 lockdown. The Rimini Municipality police have shared the video online as a way to show off the tech they are using to fight coronavirus and monitor the public.

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Italy Stories September 11, 2018

An Italian Drone Academy uses a dramatic video of a very serious staged drone accident to underscore the importance of drone education for pilots of all skill levels. We already know that improved education has helped to reduce the relative growth of drone incidents in Germany. The academy has created this video to drive home that point.

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Italy Stories March 1, 2018

The famous Floating City has been covered in the white stuff after the so-called “Beast from the East” weather system arrived in Venice yesterday. The staff from the Bauer Palazzo hotel flew their drone over the city to capture this rare scene.

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