Race Drone Stories December 17, 2018

Flying FPV or first-person view can take your drone experience to the next level. ESPN is now televising the Drone Racing League and you can see why it is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing sports. If this is something you want to try there are a couple of ways to get started. Some people start with an all-in-one kit like the FatShark101, but that isn’t what we’d recommend. The first thing you need to choose is your remote. Whether you refer to it as a remote, a radio or a transmitter it is the place to start. The drone comes later. expand full story

Race Drone Stories June 29, 2018

(Semi) autonomous drones are nothing new. DJI drones have countless (semi) autonomous flight features, applications like DroneDeploy turn your aircraft into a map-making slave, and large drones fly by themselves over fields tending to crops. Something new that has come about from researchers at the University of Zurich is a self-flying race drone capable of making agile flight maneuvers. expand full story

Race Drone Stories October 18, 2017

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to soar like a bird along mountaintops in the Swiss Alps? Very few people get to see the snow-capped mountains this way. However, this amazing drone video “Elevations” brings it right to your screen.

The short film, “Elevations,” was made by Montreal-based Swiss physicist Gabriel Kocher, who has a second career as a drone racer (Gab707). He finished second in the Drone Racing League’s Allianz World Championship earlier this year. The drone in the short movie races over a rocky valley up the face the face of a mountain. On its way up it passes over waterfalls, flies around moutaintops and captures breathtaking 360-degree views.

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