Walmart Stories November 24

Retail giant Walmart has partnered with Intel to bring drone light shows to eight locations around the US after a very tough year. The drone light shows will be holiday-themed and will allow up to five people per car to attend.

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Walmart Stories September 10

Walmart has begun its limited drone delivery service in Fayetteville, North Carolina. For now, Walmart will only be delivering select groceries by drones as a part of a trial run to test the system and make sure it’s ready to go mainstream.

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Walmart Stories June 18, 2019

As Walmart and Amazon are battling it out for supremacy in the fast-changing retail world, Walmart is on track to file more drone patents than Amazon for the second year in a row. According to research by the accounting firm BDO Walmart has filed 97 new drone applications with the World Intellectual Property Organization since July 2018. In the year before, Walmart applied for 57 patents compared to Amazon’s 54, according to an article in the Financial Times. More interestingly though, if you look at the 2017/18 time frame, DJI filed more drone patents that Walmart and Amazon combined. expand full story

Walmart Stories March 19, 2018

Bee populations have been shrinking around the world for years now and scientists are pointing to the use of pesticides as a reason for the decline. This is a major concern for agriculture as the winged-insects are the world’s pollinators. Walmart is trying to solve this problem and applied for a patent for ‘drone-pollinators’ earlier this month.

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Walmart Stories February 12, 2018

A Florida woman shouted to the police: “Just kill me! Just kill me!” Instead, the police used drones to help end a 4-hour-long standoff. The 57-year-old woman had parked her Kia sedan right in front of a semi-truck at a Walmart parking lot on Dec 8.

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