Mexico Stories August 25

A Mexican cartel is now turning to drones to do the fighting for them by equipping them with C4 and flying into enemy territory where the drones are remotely detonated. Two of these suicide drones were found late last month in an armored cartel vehicle.

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Mexico Stories July 6

Sincronia Logistica has said it has been using drones to deliver facemasks to Mexican hospitals to remove the risk of human-to-human transmission of COVID-19. The drones have been delivering the medical safety equipment to hospitals in the central state of Queretaro.

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Mexico Stories March 9

In this short video, we learn that mothers have started to use DJI Phantom drones to search for missing children in the ‘killing fields’ of Mexico. In the municipality, Salinas Victoria in Northern Mexico, Laticia Hildalgo has been looking for her missing son, Roy for almost a decade and has yet to find him.

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Mexico Stories January 21

The police shot a reporter’s drone out of the sky in the municipality of Ciudad Cuauhtémoc, Mexico, on Monday morning.

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Mexico Stories October 17, 2019

LIDAR equipped drones and airplanes help discover and map Maya ruins

In recent years LIDAR equipped drones and airplanes have helped to make a number of discoveries as it allows archaeologists to ‘see’ through dense vegetation and find ruins of old civilizations such as the Maya’s in Mexico

Mexico Stories May 30, 2019

Remember the Aeromexico Boeing 737 that was hit by a drone? Yes? Well, it now turns out that it wasn’t. The Grupo Aeromexico SAB airliner that supposedly was hit by a drone last December was not hit by an unmanned aircraft at all. The damage to the radome or nosecone of the airplane resulted from a poorly executed repair, causing it to ‘likely’ collapse and crack as a result of changing air pressure during its descent near Tijuana, Mexico. Drones are often pointed to as the culprits but so far the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has only confirmed two cases.

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