California Stories March 13

On Thursday morning, the Oxnard Police Department arrested a man for suspicion of prowling. Two residents in the Pleasant Valley Estates housing tracts saw the man suspiciously looking into the backyards of their neighbors’ homes. They kept following the suspect and contacted the police, who later deployed a drone to help in the arrest of the man.

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California Stories February 13

After one year of police officers flying about a dozen DJI Mavic Airs to fight crime and respond to emergencies, the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office has released its first report on their use. The annual drone use report is part of the Sheriff’s Office transparency policy that explains the agreement between the police and the community on how the unmanned aerial systems are allowed to be used.

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California Stories January 28

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has released drone video footage of NBA legend Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash site near Calabasas, California. The video, released on YouTube, includes both drone footage as well as on-ground video. NTSB personnel are using a DJI Phantom series drone to map out the scene of the wreckage.

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California Stories November 14, 2019

Drones bring us some of the most amazing video footage. Just take a look at this drone video showing a grey whale casually swimming underneath a group of surfers at Doheny. And the crazy part is that hardly anybody seems to notice the massive creature.

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California Stories October 29, 2019

This year’s fire season in California has started out with massive fires in Los Angeles and near San Francisco. PG&E’s aging transmission lines form a huge risk as failing equipment can potentially start wildfires as was the case last year. The Camp Fire in 2018 was started by a powerline that came down from a transmission tower after one of the hooks that hold up the lines broke. An article in the Wall Street Journal investigates the status of the PG&E towers and lines in California and uses drone footage to show the aging equipment.

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California Stories December 12, 2018

Gun-wielding Point Sur Lighthouse trespasser caught with help of drone

Law enforcement officials in California used a drone to catch a gun-wielding trespasser. After he had broken into the Point Sur Lighthouse, the man fled. He had been classed as a danger to the public and a drone was sent into the air to try and locate the trespasser. The Point Sur Lighthouse trespasser was successfully apprehended soon after. This is not the first time we have seen law enforcement officials using a drone to make an arrest.

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