Brazil Stories April 19

A statue of Jesus under construction in southern Brazil will be even taller than its more famous counterpart in Rio de Janeiro. Take a drone tour of Christ the Protector in Encantado, Rio Grande do Sul.

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Brazil Stories September 9, 2020

Brazilian drone delivery company Speedbird Aero has begun operating experimental drone food deliveries along two routes in Brazil. Brazilians will soon be able to get their iFood deliveries delivered via drones.

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Brazil Stories August 11, 2020

Brazil’s National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (Iphan) has not accepted plans to install anti-drone tech on famous architect Oscar Niemeyer’s buildings throughout Brazil‘s capital city, Brasília. On the other hand, the Brazilian Institutional Security Office (GSI) has said they will go ahead with the installation of 1.5-meter antenna on the buildings.

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Brazil Stories May 25, 2020

While a few countries around the world are starting to recover from COVID-19, many are still just at the beginning of a difficult time. Drone footage taken in São Paulo, Brazil, has captured the massive affect COVID-19 is having on the Brazilian population, with cemeteries digging mass graves to accommodate the mounting deaths.

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Brazil Stories November 21, 2018

200 million termite mounds cover an area the size of Britain [drone video]

A drone video helps to provide some sense of scale to this recent story in the NYT. 200 million (yes, million!) termite mounds that were hidden in plain sight in a remote part of the Brazilian forest, cover an area the size of Britain. Some of the mounds, garbage piles apparently, are estimated to be almost 4,000 years old.

Brazil Stories August 31, 2018

Recently the Brazilian government released drone footage of an indigenous and isolated tribe. The people belonging to the tribe live deep in the Amazon rainforest, close to the border with Peru. They are believed to have never made contact with the outside world. At least eleven such tribes exist.

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