Ireland to deploy drones to battle sea-based drug smuggling

Ireland drones drug

Drug traffickers accustomed to exploiting Ireland’s enormous coastline and limited naval resources to police it are set to soon find their work complicated by the deployment of drones equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) peering down from on high.

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A DJI Mini 2 carried its own weight in drugs across the US border

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is investigating a drug trafficking incident where a tiny DJI Mini 2 drone was used to smuggle 259g of meth – 10g more than the drone’s own weight – across the US border.

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Franco-Spanish raid busts criminals using souped-up drone to transport drugs

A police raid in Spain has busted a ring of criminals using a muscled-up drone to transport drugs into Europe. It’s not impossible the suspected organizers in Morocco are lamenting the arrest of their four gang cohorts less than the loss of their impressive craft.

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Californian police are looking into a drone’s role in drug deals

Californian police are looking into a drone’s role in a suspected drug dealer’s attempt to deliver heroin to his customers. As the police arrested the suspected drug dealer, he was flying a drone with what is believed to be heroin attached to it.

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Counter-narcotics task force turns to drones for aerial support

The United States Southern Command’s (SOUTHCOM) counter-narcotics operations are testing drones for aerial support on future missions. The drone demonstrated its benefits during operations in the Eastern Pacific from October 6th, 2019, to July 31st, 2020.

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Cannabis delivery drones are likely to fly above Seattle this year

Drones have been delivering everything from life-saving medicine to coffee for some time now, but a Seattle company hopes to add cannabis to the list by using drones to deliver it directly to dispensaries.

GRN Holdings announced the move publicly in December when it signed a letter of intent to purchase drones for cannabis delivery.

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