Privacy Stories March 21


This is likely to set a precedent affecting drone pilots in the United States.

An appeals court rules a drone violated the privacy rights of a northern Michigan couple when it took photos of their property.

“It’s going to cause a ripple,” attorney William Burdette says. “We stood up for the little guy.”

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Privacy Stories February 8

The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) has developed an interesting method to solve drone privacy when it comes to delivery and other commercial operations. The method involves each host airspaces developing their own drone privacy policies.

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Privacy Stories January 14

The privacy watchdog in France has banned the use of drones for the purpose of monitoring people during the pandemic and also by law enforcement as a generic monitoring tool. Some groups had been arguing that drone camera use since the pandemic was overly intrusive and an invasion of privacy.

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Privacy Stories September 28, 2020

To give users more control over their privacy, DJI has introduced Local Data Mode, disabling various features to keep all your drone data on your device. With the expansion of the mode, the GO 4 app, and DJI Fly app now have the new privacy feature.

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Privacy Stories January 4, 2019

On January 12th, a new drone law will come into effect in Pennsylvania that aims to protect people’s privacy from drones. The ‘Unlawful Use of Unmanned Aircraft’ law will prohibit anyone from gathering aerial photos or footage of someone in a private place using a drone.

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Privacy Stories February 27, 2018

A hovering drone seemed to be spying on a sunbathing mother and daughter in Mt Wellington, New Zealand. Melissa Rays and her daughter Morgaine Halligan were soaking up the sun in their backyard late in the afternoon when the drone showed up. The video footage shows the drone hovering above their house and backyard, seemingly spying on them.

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