French law allowing police drone use ruled (mostly) constitutional

French police drones

French police will again be permitted to use drones for surveillance and certain other law enforcement purposes, the nation’s constitutional authority has ruled, ending the nearly two-year legal ban of that activity on grounds it posed privacy violation risks.

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We’re not a data company, we just make drones: DJI

As the backlash against it continues to grow, DJI insists it’s getting even more focused on data privacy. For the last five years, DJI has had a team of 30 devoted entirely to the privacy and data security features of its products. Collectively, this team has contributed more than 300,000 hours to bolster DJI’s apps, servers, chipsets, and firmware, the company says.

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Indian state’s drone surveillance, facial recognition program worries privacy advocates

India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, wants to make its capital city, Lucknow, safer for women. And it wants to do so by establishing a broad-ranging surveillance setup that uses tools such as drones, facial recognition-enabled CCTV cameras, and AI-based video analytics. However, in the absence of robust data privacy laws, critics fear the program will infringe upon the privacy of citizens in a state infamous for communal polarization.

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Peeved town official grabs gun, shoots drone, gets the book thrown at him

A municipal commissioner in a small Tennessee town is facing multiple charges for grabbing a gun and shooting a drone above his property that annoyed him. Then he refused to give the blasted vehicle back to its owner. Is that nice?

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Franco-UK plan for police drones against illegal Channel crossings nixed over privacy rights concerns

The latest innovation to battle thousands of migrants attempting illegal Channel crossings from northern France to England has been thwarted on legal grounds. Plans to fly police drones detecting and monitoring the organization and launch of illicit passages have been grounded by French laws as violating individual privacy rights.

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Drone photos violate couple’s privacy, rules Michigan court


This is likely to set a precedent affecting drone pilots in the United States.

An appeals court rules a drone violated the privacy rights of a northern Michigan couple when it took photos of their property.

“It’s going to cause a ripple,” attorney William Burdette says. “We stood up for the little guy.”

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