U.S. Navy Stories June 10

Searching for solutions to the morale-sapping effects that long, boring, or even dangerous missions can have on its sailors, US Naval authorities are testing uncrewed, automated marine drones to sail themselves. And their most recent results with those have been doozies.

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U.S. Navy Stories June 8

A Boeing-owned aerial refueling drone has made aviation history by successfully topping off a US Navy fighter jet in the skies over the Midwest. This first-ever aerial refueling mission between a manned receiver aircraft and an unmanned tanker took place on June 4.

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U.S. Navy Stories May 14

Aircraft collisions with birds and other wildlife are a growing concern for aviation safety across the globe. According to data from the Federal Aviation Administration, wildlife strikes killed more than 292 people and destroyed over 271 aircraft between 1988 and 2019 globally.

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U.S. Navy Stories April 9

It’s always best to keep your skeptic hat on in cases like these. But a Las Vegas television station is running a story with pictures it claims are of the mysterious flying objects following US Navy warships off the California coast.

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U.S. Navy Stories March 30

The USS Michael Monsoor, a navy destroyer, will be controlling a swarm of drones and autonomous boats during an upcoming naval exercise part of the US Navy’s futuristic battlefield plan. The USS Michael Monsoor is a Zumwalt-class guided-missile destroyer.

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U.S. Navy Stories March 25

U.S. Navy mysterious drones

During the summer of 2019, US Navy ships near California’s Channel Islands began to report seeing unidentified aircraft in the night sky. When the sightings were recorded, as many as six drones were spotted flying above for prolonged periods.

Last year, documentary filmmaker Dave Beaty shared details about the events focused on the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Kidd. On top of the initial information shared, we now have more details on the events thanks to a Freedom of Information request from The Drive.

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