Drone leaders discuss the future at Unmanned Systems Canada

Unmanned Systems Canada

Canada’s big drone conference got underway today. The annual gathering of Unmanned Systems Canada / Systèmes Télécommandés Canada (USC-STC) is known for high-level sessions with great learning and some really great speakers. This year’s opening day was no exception.

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Engineers create morphing wing drone based on bird

Ever hear of biomimicry? It’s when an inventor creates something that mimics a biological feature found in nature. Now, engineers at a European technical institute have done that with a drone.

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Drones keep huge rig safe during ocean journey

Ever wonder how you safely transport a huge rig over a long distance on water? The team transporting the drilling rig used a drone to ensure everything went well.

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BP launches drones to monitor methane emissions

Drones have been making their inroads into many different industries, one of which is the oil and gas industry. Today, BP said that the company is launching a new system of gas cloud imaging drones to monitor and help reduce methane emissions.

Drones keep workers safe from dangerous work

Last Friday, Bloomberg published an excellent article explaining how drones keep workers safe from dangerous work. In 2017 alone, 166 U.S. workers died in confined spaces and a staggering 887 were killed by falls. Many of these jobs can be done by drones and robots and thus keep workers away from dangerous situations. Robots and drones can safely go into confined spaces or fly up to dangerous heights to perform inspections that previously had to be done manually. Even though the number of commercial drones exploded to 277,000 in 2018, there are nowhere near enough of the unnamed aircraft to cover all the dangerous jobs in the country.

Drones are more than just a toy for Halifax firefighters

After having used the DJI Matrice 210 for the first time in a training session earlier in the morning, the Halifax firefighters successfully used the unmanned aircraft in a search-and-rescue later that same day. On a dark and cold night in December the firefighters decided to send their new drone up one more time in their search for a missing person. The search had officially been called off, but the firefighters went ahead anyway. This time they used a different angle with their thermal camera and they found the semi-conscious man under a bridge. The man was picked up and rushed to the hospital. It was a turning point for the firefighters and they realized drones are much more than just a toy.

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