Drones at work Stories December 26, 2018

Drones are being used in the aftermath of the Indonesia tsunami as dozens of people are still missing. According to authorities, first responders are working around the clock to reach six villages that have been cut off and are no longer accessible by road.

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Drones at work Stories December 8, 2018

Engineers in Scotland used a drone to restore communications after a massive landslide cut off a remote Highland community. A road outside Kinloch Hourn was completely destroyed after a landslide dumped 9,000 tons of soil and rock on it from 2,500 ft.

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Drones at work Stories December 7, 2018

Former Evernote executive and Sunflower Labs CEO Alex Pachikov showcases the Sunflower drone security system at his own house in San Carlos, California. The system consists of ‘Sunflowers’, a ‘Bee’ and a ‘Hive’. And as you might have guessed, the Bee is the drone in this home surveillance system. Even though there are some challenges to overcome before drones can be as part of fully autonomous home surveillance systems, it is good to see companies working on new drone applications. Let’s take a closer look at the Sunflower drone security system and how they plan to put drones to work.

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Drones at work Stories November 30, 2018

16 drone teams mapped Paradise Camp Fire area in two days

We wrote about the Paradise Camp Fire before. In a matter of two days, 16 drone teams mapped the entire Paradise Camp Fire area. If that sounds impressive, it is because it is! Not only do you have the logistics of 16 drone teams to manage, think about the thousands and thousands of aerial photos that need to be collected, uploaded, processed, stitched and made available for the emergency responders and the general public. NBC has a great piece on this large-scale drone operation that also involved DroneDeploy and DJI. Jump in for more.

Drones at work Stories November 26, 2018

The Dutch, Boyan Slat started “The Ocean Cleanup” project a number of years ago as a teenager. His ambitious project aims to clean up the oceans from floating plastics and other debris by collecting it in a large floating catch system. A little over a month ago System 001, called Wilson, was deployed in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The team uses drones as one of the tools to monitor Wilson’s performance and to conduct daily inspections. A great example of “Drones at Work.”

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Drones at work Stories November 23, 2018

The San Fransisco based company Aerones is developing a drone to clean the windows of high rise buildings. They claim their drone can clean windows 20 times faster than humans all while being much safer. They believe the technology they have developed can also be used to help fight fires, as well as clean, de-ice and paint wind turbines.  expand full story

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