DRL Stories October 9

The Drone Racing League has once again stepped ahead of the competition with its new RacerAI autonomous racing drones in partnership with Lockheed Martin. The new RacerAI removes the need for any pilot, is capable of producing 20 pounds of thrust and is powered by the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier, a similar AI platform to the one found in the Skydio 2.

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DRL Stories August 8

If you have seen drone racing on tv it was likely the DRL. The Drone Racing League (DRL) is the premier racing league for FPV pilots and now they are looking to release the same drone that the pros fly to the public. The drone these professional pilots fly can hit 90 mph in a split second. This beast of a drone could be yours if the Kickstarter campaign they started is funded by October 5th.

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DJI Mavic Pro

DRL Stories March 28

Drone racing has been a growing sport over the last few years and you can find thrilling championship races televised on ESPN. Did you know that it also is a high school varsity sport? The GoDroneX Chicagoland Championships just crowned a handful of New Trier students champions in its third season. There are races for both varsity and junior varsity students so they can compete at different levels of complexity. expand full story

DRL Stories March 27

$1M for fastest flying A.I. drone in DRL competition

The winning team will take home a cool $1 million in prize money for flying an A.I. drone around a track fastest in a Drone Racing League’s AlphaPilot competition, sponsored by Lockheed Martin. The NY Times just published an article not only explaining the competition, but also the specific challenges that A.I. faces. For now, human drone pilots such as Paul Nurkkala (Nurk) or Ken Loo are much faster than A.I. guide drones. The question is, how much longer will that be the case. With $1 million on the line, you can bet that there are quite a few very smart people trying to figure out how to beat human drone pilots.

DRL Stories March 15, 2018

It seems that all of a sudden car manufacturers are becoming interested in drones. Mercedes-Benz is testing with drone deliveries in Zurich. Porsche has a drone in their latest EV commercial. Ford participates at the FAA UAS Symposium and would like to sell you a drone with your next F150 pickup truck. And now BMW is involved in developing the fastest racing drone in a partnership with Drone Racing League (DRL). It makes you wonder who will be next?

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