Gatwick Stories June 16, 2020

Sussex Police have paid out Paul and Elaine Gait, the couple accused of flying a drone close to Gatwick Airport back in December 2018. The couple was arrested at their house and held in police custody for 36 hours. The couple then sued the Sussex Police for wrongful arrest and false imprisonment.

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Gatwick Stories February 22, 2019

Gatwick drone chaos ‘was an inside job.’ Really?

Ok, so here is the latest theory of what might have happened during the Gatwick Fiasco. The Gatwick drone chaos ‘was an inside job’, the British newspaper The Evening Standard reports. Can somebody please show us any evidence that a drone was indeed seen at Gatwick? Photos? Video?

Gatwick Stories February 21, 2019

Sustained drone attack closed Gatwick, airport says

Talking about drone incidents, Gatwick Airport claims that a sustained drone attack was responsible for the severe travel disruption at the airport last year. In an article by BBC News, it is reported that over 100 drone sightings had been seen over three days and the majority of the sightings were made by police officers or airport workers. The main question remains though, where is the evidence that a drone was indeed the culprit?

Gatwick Stories January 23, 2019

EasyJet says that the drone chaos at Gatwick was a “wake-up call” for airports. Right before the Christmas holidays, alleged drone sightings caused the airport to shut down and as a result, many flights were either canceled or diverted leaving many travelers stranded. EasyJet claims that the Gatwick fiasco has cost them £15m ($19.6M) in passenger compensation and lost revenues, and hit 82,000 customers.

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Gatwick Stories January 11, 2019

DJI urges caution in evaluating reports of drone incidents

As we have recently seen at Gatwick and Heathrow Airport, people are quick to point to drones as the culprits when often times other items may have been seen and misidentified as unmanned aerial systems. This morning DJI has sent out an official statement urging people to be cautious in evaluating reports of drone incidents and also say that the recent sightings at multiple airports may have been influenced by publicity.

Gatwick Stories January 10, 2019

DJI welcomes new UK drone regulation in aftermath of Gatwick Fiasco

In the aftermath of the Gatwick Fiasco, the UK government outlined new drone rules in a document titled: “Taking Flight: The Future of Drones in the UK” to reduce the likelihood of another supposedly drone-caused fiasco at one of the major airports in England. Here’s DJI’s official response as they welcome new UK drone regulation.

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